Nicolette currently teaches and trains aerial arts at Challenge Aerial in Atlanta, GA and is the coach for Earth to Sky Performance Co (a teen aerial dance company).  She performs regularly on fabric, sling, lyra and trapeze in and around the Atlanta Metro area (rates available on request).  

Extra footage from the short film “TIT” which was inspired by Titus Andronicus and written by Elizabeth Dinkova and Jesse Rasmussen. TIT originally premiered as a part of the Home Brew series at 7 Stages on October 29, 2020. Nicolette Emanuelle is the aerialist and composer for this video. Special thanks to Barrett Doyle, Cinematographer.

 Nicolette also enjoys stilt walking, her favorite style of stilt being her 3-foot peg stilts, but you can also find her running around in jumping stilts. She also loves the challenge of creating interesting quad stilt creatures. 

Nicolette can also be found on stage for various theatrical productions, some credits include the world premier of The Navigator (7-Stages), Head-to-Toe (Alliance Theater) and The Threepenny Opera (7-Stages).