Interviews: We are always looking for more people to interview. If you are multiracial, multi-cultural or live in a multiracial/multi-cultural home and would like to share your story, please contact us. These interviews are recorded (video) and segments of these interviews may be used in future renditions of What are You? The interviews are never released in their entirety to the public, they are edited for possible use in film, promo material or theatrical presentations. Interviewees can expect a written agreement that outlines the use of the interview in this project. “I try to be as sensitive as possible when handling these interviews. Some of this stuff is very traumatic and personal. I’m very grateful that people are willing to share and applaud their bravery for allowing their story to form the content of this project.” -Nicolette

Book a showing: If you’re interested in showing this film please contact Nicolette at

Community discussions: One of the goals of this project is to invite more voices to the table regarding race and to educate people on the unique experiences of multiracial individuals. We do this through mediated community discussions. So far our discussions have been over zoom, but we look forward to being able to do in person gatherings again when it’s safe. We believe this will give people a broader perspective on race relations as well as explain why asking the question “What are You?” or “Where are you from, no where are you really from?” can be viewed as threatening.

Donate: Thank you for considering donating to What are You? Funds go to paying our artists, collecting interviews, and toward production fees. Please contact Nicolette at for more info.