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Since I was a little human, my life has been a musical journey. I started cello at the age of 9 and when I was about 13 my family was gifted an old upright piano. My passion for piano was instant and I taught myself how to play while also taking cello lessons, doing youth Symphony and playing All-State Orchestra. I used to joke that my cello was my ol’ ball and chain and my piano was my passionate lover. Early on I played cello with rock musicians and ran far, far away from the path my teachers laid out for me. On piano I played my own songs and was often compared to Tori Amos and Nick Cave. When I moved to Atlanta, GA in 2012 I found a niche composing and performing with dancers and scoring theatrical pieces, mostly on the cello. I added a looping and effects pedal to my sound which was amazing! And now with my arsenal of Cello, Piano, synths, and other key/string instruments I create pieces for movement, theater, myself and circus artists. And my inbox is always open for collaborations.

Below are samples of my musical journey, some are cello driven, some are songs that have anything from synth to piano to cello to uke. These are all written and composed by me unless otherwise noted. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the sounds of my existence. 


Pinafore is an album of piano driven songs by Nicolette Emanuelle and was made possible by a grant from The Mecklenburg County Arts and Science Council. It was released in 2008.

Delight by Nicolette Emanuelle