This original, perspective-shifting film combines movement, original music, and a multitude of personal testimonies to expose the struggles of multi-racial people and honor their resilience. 

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Trailer for What are You?

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Behind the scenes

INTERVIEW with creator Nicolette Emanuelle:

Credits for film

What Are You? 

Original Concept / Director / Composer

Nicolette Emanuelle


Lead Performers

Nicolette Emanuelle

Jaylynn Amya Haywood

Meredith Gordon

Arthur McDonald

Additional Performers for Something Beautiful

Lucy Eden

Jackie Douglas

AnnMarie Spexet

Additional Performer for White By Proxy

Josh Coleman

Additional Performers for Trial

Alexis McKay

Heidi S. Howard


Nicolette Emanuelle

Jaylynn Amya Haywood

Meredith Gordon

Arthur McDonald

Alexis McKay

Kai Addae

Nicole Marie Spisak

Vivian Selles



Nicolette Emanuelle 

Jesse Marie Peterman

Director of Photography and Camera A Op

Tia Davis

Script Wrangler / Dramaturgy

Alexis McKay

Camera B Op

Barrett Doyle

Camera C Op / Stop Motion

Nicolette Emanuelle

Song for Something Beautiful

Written by Arthur McDonald

Arranged by Nicolette Emanuelle

Production Assistants

Tyra Watkins

Tessa Brooks

Kayla Fallick


Matt Brohammer

Tommy Priester

Aerial Rig

Circus Gear


Artistic Director

Heidi S. Howard

Managing Director

Mack Headrick

Production Manager/Facilities Manager

Katherine Neslund

Associate Artistic Directors 

Beth Dinkova 

Ashley James 

Marium Khalid 

Education Director

Destiny Renee

Digital Media Coordinator

Devi Wells

Patrons Service/Box Office Manager

Dani Herd


Katt Newton 


Del Hamilton, Faye Allen and all of our artists at 7 Stages

DeeDee Chmielewski

Charles Huggins

Laura Lorena Morales 

Timothy Klejnot

Michael A. Robinson

Todd Spiering

Challenge Aerial

Java Lords

Michael Cuccaro

David Lowry

Adam Pelletier

Dennis and Karla Hafford