What are You? is an exploration of what it means to be mixed-race in America. What started as a question from leading artist Nicolette Emanuelle of why, for most of her life, she was treated as POC but since moving to Atlanta GA in 2012 has been considered white presenting turned into an in-depth search on how racial identity can be the means to community or feeling outcast. Nicolette was raised with roots in the Lumbee tribe of North Carolina and was often asked the question “what are you?”, after expanding the project to include interviews with other mixed race individuals she not only found that this question was common with multiracial people, but that there was a wealth of similar stories. This project seeks to highlight the beauty and struggles of multiracial people in an effort to give language and light to our experiences while connecting through performance art and community events and discussions.

This project currently consists of an installation piece, a short film and community outreach through community discussions and interviews. Nicolette Emanuelle (the lead creator) is currently working with other multiracial/ multi-cultural artists to create a full length theatrical production which is expected to go on tour fall 2023.