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What are You?

What are You? is an exploration on what it means to be multi racial in America today. What started as an installation project later grew in to a theatrical short film (during covid), a performance that was a part of Art on the Atlanta Beltline 2022 and continues to grow as more interviews are collected from various people of many different backgrounds. Nicolette started this piece inspired by their own experiences growing up as a Lumbee in the south and through interviews and collaboration has found common ground and clues to how racial identity can be a pathway to community or isolation.

What are You? (trailer): A short film produced by Nicolette Emanuelle and 7 Stages. Premiered April 8, 2021

What are You? is an unflinching exploration of what it means to be mixed-race in America. The project’s lead creator and performer Nicolette Emanuelle, raised with roots in the Lumbee tribe of North Carolina, was often confronted with this relentless question. As they started to interview other mixed-race individuals, Nicolette discovered striking and moving commonalities. This original, perspective-shifting film combines movement, original music, and a multitude of personal testimonies to highlight the beauty and expose the struggles of multi-racial people while honoring their resilience.

Trailer for the theatrical short film What are You?